Journey by Boat Near Plaquemine Homes Explore the waters near Plaquemine homes by going on a Last Wilderness Tour. Join Captain Dean A. Wilson or his son Captain Albert (Al) Wilson for an unforgettable journey into the Atchafalaya Basin. By traveling in smaller boats, participants can go deep into the swamp where other larger boats cannot go. Just be aware that seasonal water levels can affect the accessibility of some areas of the swamp. The best part of this tour is that this family owned company is not in it for the money. They truly care for the swamp and want to educate anyone who will listen about its beauty and the need to take care of it.

Travel on quiet boats with environmentally friendly motors while viewing some amazing sites. Gaze up at enormous cypress trees, view wildlife, learn about local culture, and more about the history and the need to protect this beautiful place. Captain Dean spent 16 years fishing and hunting in the basin and is now the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper. He works to protect the Louisiana swamps through education, research, and by enforcing environmental laws. A major threat to this area is the cypress mulch industry and Dean has worked hard to stop cypress logging in central Louisiana. Ask questions on your tour, especially if your Plaquemine real estate is a totally new place for you to live.

The tours last about two hours and the cost is $40 for adults and $35 for children under 10. Night tours, which are available in the summer only, cost $50 per person. Tours are scheduled by appointment only and this can be done by contacting Silvia at 225-385-9562 or Dean at 225-692-4114. You may also email them at: to set something up. Anyone who is needing to get into the Atchafalaya Basin to enforce environmental laws, do research, or write news pieces about it can inquire about a free trip in. Educate yourself about local issues pertaining to Plaquemine homes and also get out onto the water to enjoy the beautiful scenery.